Order of Events

600 Bar


Prologue Nancy Mauro-Flude


Act I
Dark Arts and Grey Areas and Other Contingencies
FoAM | Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney


Act II
Thorny Conversation Circle
Prolusion Claire Field (Chair)

Scene 1: Experts Esther Anatolitis, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Kate Rich, Sinsa Mansell, Megan Walch
Prelude Claire Field (Chair)

845 Bar


Act III Ouijic Outcomes
Preamble Kate Rich
Scene 1: Hot Potato
Scene 2: Theatre of Automation
Scene 3: The Decision
Starring Kate Rich (Ouijic offerings), Nick Smithies (Ouijic Croupier) and the Ouijic Agents

1000 Bar

Presented by Feral MBA, Despoinas Media Coven and Favour Economy
Sponsored by means of the kind provision of space by 24 Carrot Gardens
The Thorny Question of Art and Economy: C̷̢̺͕͇̅͝ó̸̱n̴̰̫͍̈̄̀̅̕v̸̞̬͛e̷̻͔̗̦͂̆͑͠r̷͗̆͐ͅṡ̴͙̠̰͠a̸̡̽̾̈́t̵̡̽į̵̧͆ô̵̠͌̕̕͝n̷̹͑͆̒ ̶̲̈P̷̢͉͖͆͊͋̎i̶̧͙̼̇́̅̀̾ȇ̵͕̱̾̓́̕ć̵̼͚̊͂̌̓ê̴̪̆ 20.02.2020


Esther Anatolitis is one of Australia’s leading advocates for the arts and has held numerous leadership and policy roles across all artforms. Her approach integrates professional and artistic modes of working to promote critical reflection on practice. Esther is Executive Director of NAVA, Deputy Chair of Contemporary Arts Precincts and a regularly published writer and critic. http://estheranatolitis.net.

Claire Field is an independent curator and artist. Her curatorial methodology fosters community engagement through collaborative and inclusive contemporary art experiences. Clare’s visual art practice is cross disciplinary, primarily focusing on expansive forms of communication and technological relics from a feminist standpoint.

FoAM is a transdisciplinary network operating at the intersection of art, science, nature and everyday life. As an act of resistance against dystopian fears they create circumstances for collaboration and conviviality. While navigating environmental and economic uncertainties, they work with complexity, animism and futurecrafting to re-enchant the present. http://fo.am

Sinsa Mansell is a proud Tasmanian Aboriginal woman from larapuna, northen lutruwita Tasmania. Mansell is a performer, choreographer, co-founder and program producer for pakana kanaplila Traditional/Contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal dance troupe and has been working to reclaim cultural dance and create greater awareness of Tasmania’s ancient traditions for the past 15 years.

Nancy Mauro-Flude – mother of Pearl, former pirate radio star. Administer of a home-brewed feminist web server and performing artist who explores signal transmissions in order to draw upon contested knowledges. She leads the Vvet n Vvild Vvifi holistic computing network @RMIT University. Permaculture aspirant since 1984.

Kate Rich is an artist, grocery trader, volunteer finance manager and feral economist. In 2019 she co-produced RADMIN, Britain's first festival of Administration. She is visiting Hobart to instigate the pilot programme of the Feral MBA, a radically different kind of training course in business school for artists and others.

Nick Smithies is a musician and electronic artist. Interested in sound composition, computer/real world interfacing, reactive installation, aleatoric music constructed from found data sets, sonification, electronic performance tools, free culture, chance happenings and machine interactions. Nick utilises both ubiquitous and esoteric technologies to create playful installations, performances and artworks.

Megan J. Walch (BFA hons, MFA, PhD) is an artist, mother, teacher, gardener, recycler, traveller, op-shopper, practitioner of permaculture, Samstag Scholar, alumnus of the San Francisco Art Institute, USA the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, USA and the Space Program, New York. She has a studio-based doctorate from the University of Tasmania.

The Etherpad is an open source web-based collaborative really real-time, text editor, allowing authors to simultaneously edit. Permissionless and free as in ‘free beer’, unless you host it on your own webserver, in which case one will surely pay in screen-based admin labour.
For this event it lived here -http://subetha.fo.am/p/Thorny

The Money Innovator of parasitic habitus. The Money represented in the raw material form of cold hard cash is the sum total of advance ticket sales minus pretix, and card agent fees, plus cash on the door for this Thorny Conversational Event.

Thorny Conversation - Cone of Conduct


identity politics


This event was documented, audience/participants were be captured in some form (via audio/image) by entering the space they were informed they were offering consent for this deed via introduction and programme.